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The GoSwivel™ by Killershot is a helmet mount for GoPro® HERO® cameras that feels like having a personal videographer following you around. The 26-inch counterbalanced arm allows the user to position a GoPro camera on one end. By having a counterbalanced design, the GoSwivel knows exactly where to be to catch the most action-packed shots. The GoSwivel can also be locked into position for a fixed perspective. Installation takes less than five minutes and requires no additional tools. The device is crafted from strong, lightweight carbon fiber.  
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Brand new camera mount ideal for taking those Killershots, capturing your skating, motocross, BMX and many more helmet-oriented sports!

The KillerShot™ GoSwivel is a 26-inch counterbalanced carbon fiber arm that extends from a helmet mount. The user can
let the GoSwivel float around, getting clean smooth footage as the action happens, or lock the GoSwivel in place for fixed-position shots.

The 360-degreethird person view camera mount, the GoSwivel, uses ball bearings to get clean, smooth footage. One can also secure it at one angle, we have a locking button on the top with a safety feature: If the extended camera arm were to strike an object when in the locked position, the arm will unlock and spin around to safeguard the rider.

It also utilizes a counterbalance to always be in an ideal location around the user to grab action-packed pictures and videos from their GoPro camera.

“Our team at KillerShot loves to ride trials motorcycles and have fun on longboards,” says Clint Donaldson, inventor of the GoSwivel. “We found that we couldn’t get the complete shot as we wanted with the most basic helmet mounts. We designed the GoSwivel to get great shots that capture the user from their face on down to their motorcycle, bike, skateboard, or longboard.”

The patent pending GoSwivel can be installed on a helmet in five minutes and requires no additional tools.
The arms are crafted from lightweight carbon fiber. Users can point the camera inward toward themselves or outward
toward fellow bikers, riders, or scenery around them.


KillerShot recommends pairing the GoSwivel with GoPro’s adhesive helmet mounts or with a fixed helmet mount.

Tighten the bolt attaching the Go Swivel to the helmet as much a possible.


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